Patient Monitoring System and Wireless Health Monitoring System

Patient Monitoring System and Wireless Health Monitoring System

Wireless health monitoring system or patient monitoring system involves monitoring of patients vitals remotely by means of devices that transfers patient data to remote locations wirelessly. The inclusion of telecommunication devices in healthcare helps alleviate the difficulty experienced by the medical experts in monitoring multiple patients simultaneously. It enables them to observe patients without having to be physically present at their bedside, be it in the hospital or in their home. Wide variety of sensors are used in the devices to monitor the patient vitals ranging from heart rate, body temperature, ECG, Respiration, Non invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation etc. The deployment of wireless health monitoring removes the geographical barriers in getting specialist care.

Wireless Health Monitoring System and Patient Monitoring System

The wireless health monitors not only transmits the vital physiological signs to the medical personnel but also simplifies the measurement and as a result raises the monitoring efficiency of patients. It also brings down the measurement time and helps in obtaining care at the golden time during emergency situations which can lead to better treatment outcomes. Continuous monitoring of patient health is important during treatment. Thus the wireless health monitoring system plays a major role in delivering quality care for patients even in rural areas. VinCense wireless health monitoring system provides real-time actionable data in a user centered interface for the healthcare provides which enables them to closely monitor high dependency patients such as post operative, step down and rehab patients. Thus it helps in transforming healthcare delivery and management at an affordable cost.


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