Patient-monitoring wearables of clinical-grade are highly accurate devices that allow patients to self-monitor their vitals and 90 to 95% of clinical-grade wearables are accurate where healthcare providers can utilize them to support diagnosis and treatment plans. It is possible to diagnose, treat, or manage chronic health disorders with the data obtained from medical-grade/Clinical grade wearables since it is dependable and consistent. As a result of the increased portability and wireless connectivity of the clinical-grade wearables, they have the potential to have a substantial impact on the outcomes of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Aside from reducing healthcare costs, it also minimizes hospital stays by allowing physicians to remotely monitor their patients’ vitals. Health-related wearables can be used in conjunction with software and mobile apps to help identify early signs of disease and help prevent the problem.  Medical-grade wearables have the potential to transform the healthcare business and the level of care that patients can expect.  It is for this reason that the medical-grade wearables allow the patients to take control of their health and help the healthcare practitioners give better care.

Remote Patient Monitoring And Alerting System

VinCense IoT Health Monitoring platform consisting of India’s first clinical grade wearable, mobility, cloud and analytics is the perfect combination of speed (4 parameters in 10 seconds), accuracy, instant alerting and reporting.

Applications: Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic care management


Clinical Grade Wearables

Clinical-grade (Medical grade) wearable is a highly accurate technology that allows the user to self-monitor their vitals. The medical grade wearables are highly accurate and hence the doctors or healthcare practitioners may use it as a tool to aid in diagnosing or monitoring the patients. It is possible to diagnose, treat, or manage chronic health issues with the data acquired by medical-grade wearables since it is accurate and consistent. Not only this, the medical grade wearables plays a critical role in ensuring the continuum of care for just discharged patients that also helps in reducing readmission rates in hospitals and ensures patient-centric quality care delivery at an optimal cost.

Health-related medical grade wearables can be used in conjunction with software and mobile apps to assist discover early indications of sickness and help prevent complications. 

VinCense Wireless Health Monitoring System is an innovative solution made in India with medical grade accuracy aiming to provide affordable care for the masses. It helps in achieving self monitoring of health of the individuals, thereby democratizing healthcare. The advent of medical grade wearables in the healthcare industry has altered the care delivery model to a greater extent.

VinCense aids clinicians in monitoring their patients anytime, anywhere enabling them to have a better handle on their patients’ condition resulting in early intervention leading to reduced risks and complications and improved clinical outcomes.