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We at MedIoTek Health Systems have a vision of a future in which mobile health technology enables patients, senior citizens and persons suffering from chronic heart/lung diseases can enjoy an improved quality of life at an affordable cost. We have set ourselves on a mission to harness technology to provide care for patients effectively, unobtrusively and non-invasively.

We have developed a solution. We call it VinCense.

VinCense is a wireless health monitoring system or patient monitoring system. We believe VinCense will transform health care delivery and management. If you are involved in running a hospital or if you are a care provider, a senior citizen or a patient living at home, VinCense will make a difference to you. Read more...

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How Vincense works?


The data are transmitted from the wearables, through the mobile device, to the secure cloud that the care provider can tap into at any time. If any of the vital parameters crosses default or user-defined limits at any time, VinCense immediately alerts the care-providers—doctors, nurses, an ambulance if necessary—relatives, neighbours. The user determines who is to be alerted. The patient can also alert them in the event of an emergency using the Help Button.


VinCense Digital Health Screening Platform (DHSP) is the first-of-its kind that is capable of screening for eight key parameters in just 4 minutes ( 8 in 4), Pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, skin temperature, NIBP, blood sugar, weight and BMI are collected from the four devices and pushed into the cloud automatically leading to at least 75% reduction in overall time. This is useful across segments - hospitals, companies, industries, insurance companies, community health and public health. VinCense DHSP enables time and cost-effective mass screening for non-communicable diseases leading to preventive care.

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MedloTek Health Systems is committed to minimising downtime. We complete service calls within 3 working days in major Indian cities. We will provide you a standby system while your equipment is being attended to, if necessary.
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