Wireless Remote Patient Health Monitoring and Alerting System

Wireless Remote Patient Health Monitoring and Alerting System

It is possible to monitor the vital signs of patients remotely using a wireless health monitoring system or patient monitoring system. As a result of the use of telecommunication devices in healthcare, doctors are able to monitor multiple patients at the same time with ease. So they can keep an eye on patients virtually, whether in the hospital or at home. Heart rate, body temperature, ECG, respiratory rate, non-invasive blood pressure, and oxygen saturation are just a few of the vital signs monitored by the devices. Due to the widespread use of wireless health monitoring, geographic obstacles to expert treatment have been removed.

Using wireless health monitors, medical professionals may get crucial physiological indicators while simplifying measurements and increasing patient monitoring efficiency.

While measuring time is reduced, it also assists in receiving care at the optimal moment in emergency circumstances, which can lead to improved treatment outcomes. During treatment, it is vital to keep track of the patient’s health at all times. 

Remote Patient Monitoring And Alerting System

Since patients may receive quality care even in rural locations, the wireless health monitoring system serves a crucial role.  Using VinCense, healthcare providers may monitor high-dependency patients such as post-operative, step-down, and rehab patients in real-time using a user-friendly interface. The result is a cost-effective way to change healthcare delivery.

Use cases: Remote monitoring of just discharged patients and vulnerable patients in wards – in therapy areas such as cardio, renal, metabolic, respiratory disorders.