Wearables Technology in Healthcare

Wearables Technology in Healthcare

Wearables technology enhances the healthcare system by means of remote monitoring facility. The advent of Wearables Technology in Healthcare industry has brought down a tremendous change in the care delivery. The vitals can be measured at a much lesser time using the wearables compared to the conventional measurement techniques. This makes it an ideal fit for use in emergency environment and triage conditions provided the data obtained are of clinical grade. It also engages the individuals in self monitoring their health which in turn helps in early identification of abnormalities leading to better prognosis. Besides, it also provides real time access to patient’s health records which enables in quick diagnosis and better treatment outcomes. The Wearables Technology in Healthcare which is also user-friendly and unobtrusive.

This enables the just discharged patient to self-monitor their health and thus reduces the hospital stay. The wireless data transmission and alerting mechanisms present also helps in immediate care delivery during emergencies. The data derived from medical grade wearables are reliable and consistent and can reliably be used to diagnose, treat or manage health conditions. Thus the utilization of these wearables will be beneficial for patient health. VinCense with its clinical grade screening and monitoring capability helps in tracking emergencies at an early state thereby helping in early intervention leading to reducing risks and complications, thereby improving treatment outcomes.


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