VinCRDP-Clinical study

VinCRDP Platform – VinCense COVID 19 Risk Detection Protocol


COVID-19 took the world to uncharted waters. Many nations are locked up, the economy has slowed, and almost everyone is afraid of dire consequences. There are many barriers to the unprecedented changes that have taken place so quickly as a result of the pandemic and stay-at – home confinement in order to achieve social distances and mitigate the risk of infection. More than 100 COVID-19 vaccine candidates are currently under development, many of them in the clinical trial process. For now, monitoring is the best way to reduce the risk of being contaminated with SARS-CoV-2. The cost of the RT-PCR test at Tamil Nadu is approximately Rs 2500 per person. We, MedIoTek Health Systems, have developed a protocol called Vincense COVID-19 Risk Detection Protocol (VinCRDP) based on the clinical recommendations of the DPH & Tamilnadu Government, which helps to prioritize people to be screened for COVID-19 in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Our Procedure benefits the factories to screen their workers on a regular basis, with a screening period of just 10 seconds per person. This will make early intervention possible-saving lives and livelihoods.

 Keywords: VinCRDP, cost-effective, time-effective, early intervention.


VinCense platform based on IoT, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics is the right choice for data-driven health risk mitigation and management – capturing the key vitals of pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and skin temperature with clinical grade accuracy in just 10 seconds making for a viable screening tool as 60 to 90 people can be checked in an hour (incl. disinfection and data entry times). Live dashboards capture the risk using VinCense COVID19 Risk Detection Protocol based on DPH, GoTN’s protocol. With this, early intervention is made possible – saving lives and livelihoods.

VinCense RC-Wearable

hand scane


Level 1 Triage:

  • Measures 4 parameters such as pulse rate, Oxygen saturation, Respiratory Rate and skin Temperature in 10 seconds from the vincense wearable.
  • Helps to predict NO/MILD/MODERATE COVID risk




Level 2 Triage:

  • Measures 5 parameters such as pulse rate, Oxygen saturation, Respiratory Rate and skin Temperature in 10 seconds from the vincense wearable and Systolic & Diastolic pressure measured from the Bluetooth enabled BP Monitor, together all 5 parameters are measured in 2 minutes.
  • Helps to predict severe COVID risk.

Level 1 Triage

Level 2 Triage


IoMT platform – VinCense RC, mobile app and web interface

Key Features:

VinCense multipara check device:

  • Low power, long battery life, 2000+ readings/charge
  • Reliable, clinical grade accuracy
  • Non-invasive, unobtrusive
  • Rugged, water-resistant, biocompatible material


Mobile App:

Offline data logging during poor connectivity (auto uploaded when the connectivity is restored)

Web Interface:

  • Dashboards provide live actionable data and analytics
  • Individual Graphical trends and report generation for the collected vitals
  • Authorised access; Safe and secure data backup
  • Risk stratification and recommendation for employees based on the WHO and DPH, Govt. of Tamil Nadu guidelines

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Use cases for monitoring the COVID-19(C19) infections:

  • Triage to detect respiratory risk due to C19 in 10 seconds (Benefit: to augment the C19 kits which are currently in short supply)
  • Remote monitoring of C19 patients (Benefit: lowered risk for healthcare workers)
  • Remote monitoring of other at-risk patients (Benefit: lowered risk, ease load at hospitals)
  • Pre-Screening for respiratory risk due to COVID-19/SARS-CoV2 for healthcare workers in 10 seconds


  • Effective clinical management of vulnerable patients
  • Ease of Coordination of care and follow ups
  • Robust Data Acquisition for research and studies
  • Targeted COVID-19 testing of subjects enabling early intervention

Case Study:

Table 01: It represents the overall percentage of normal and abnormal individuals.

S.NoDescriptionCountRisk %
01Total screenings done till date17906
02Normal Individuals1330874.32
03Abnormal individuals459824.56


Figure 01: This chart represents the overall percentage of normal and abnormal individuals.

pie chart

Table 02: This represents the overall risk percentage of people with No / Mild / Moderate / Severe COVID risk.

S.NoDescriptionTotal countRisk %
01Total number of NO Risk1330874.32
02Total number of MILD Risk439624.55
03Total number of MODERATE Risk2020.01
04Total number of SEVERE Risk00


Figure 02: This chart represents the overall risk percentage of people with No / Mild / Moderate / Severe COVID risk.


Table 03: This table shows the factories’ screening results.



Total readings taken till date

Total number of NO Risk

Total number of MILD Risk

Total number of MODERATE Risk

Total number of SEVERE Risk


Factory 1


1745 (81.77%)

365 (17.10%)

24 (0.01%)

4 (50%)


Factory 2


1273 (75.24%)



2 (0%)


Factory 3


8566 (73.98%)

2885 (24.92%)

128 (1.10%)


Factory 4


354 (62.54%)

209 (36.93%)

3 (0%)


Factory 5


1370 (70.80%)

520 (26.87%)

45 (0.02%)


Figure 03: This chart shows the factories’ screening results.

Interpretation: Using VinCense COVID-19 Risk Identification Protocol (VinCRDP) organizations can keep an eye on employees’ vital range when it is abnormal, they are automatically alerted by email so that they can isolate affected individuals and thereby prevent other individuals from being affected by COVID. When individuals with moderate covid risk were assessed for COVID using RT-PCR, 50 percent of individuals were positive for covid.


Our VinCRDP platform is highly cost effective and takes just 10 seconds to measure 4 key parameters (Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate and Skin Temperature). The Covid-19 risk score is determined using the 4 measured parameters of the VinCense wearable and also takes into consideration age, travel risk, contact risk and comorbidity risk.


  • Accuracy/Calibration certificate from NHHID for clinical grade accuracy
  • ISO 13485 for Manufacturing quality compliance
  • CE certification for consumer safety