VinCense: Understanding Patients as Consumers in the Healthcare Market

To succeed in the changing healthcare industry, healthcare systems must start viewing their patients as consumers rather than just patients. Traditionally, healthcare systems have focused on providing medical treatment, but the rise of consumerism has led to a change in patient expectations. Patients now have more choices and expect better customer service and convenience from healthcare providers. VinCense is one healthcare system that recognizes this shift and is implementing various initiatives to better understand patients as consumers. To succeed in this new environment, VinCense can take the following steps:

Embrace Technology

VinCense is working to understand patients as consumers by investing in technology. And developed a digital platform that allows patients to schedule appointments, access medical records, and communicate with healthcare providers in real-time. By providing patients with convenient and accessible tools, VinCense is helping to empower patients to take an active role in managing their own health.

Focus on Customer Service

VinCense is prioritizing customer service by implementing a patient feedback form that allows patients to provide feedback on their healthcare experience and uses this feedback to continually improve the patient experience. 

Create a Convenient Experience

VinCense is focused on creating a convenient experience for patients. By implementing virtual visits, patients can receive care at a time and place that is convenient for them. By offering patients more options for accessing care, VinCense is demonstrating its commitment to meeting patient needs.

Offer Personalized Care

By using VinCense, patients can track their heart rate, SpO2, respiratory rate, and skin temperature in real-time and receive personalized care. This information can then be shared with healthcare providers, allowing for more preventive and curative care.

VinCense is taking a proactive approach to understanding patients as consumers. By investing in technology, prioritizing customer service, creating a convenient experience, and offering personalized care, VinCense is demonstrating its commitment to meeting patient needs and expectations in a rapidly evolving healthcare market.