How Digital Health Revolutionises Health Care in India

In today’s era and age, digital health has become an influential factor. Patients utilise wireless networks to connect with clinicians who benefit from ground-breaking healthcare experience. It improved patient procedures significantly by assisting them in addressing many traditional problems and methods. It allows people the ability to monitor their health by having access to their health data from a range of outlets, such as clinics, hospitals, labs, pharmacists, and even old medical records. However, despite the fact that healthcare is one of the major industries in India and the world’s chosen destination for medical tourism, the state of health remains to be counted on in writing.

Digitization is perhaps the most comfortable transition faced by Indian doctors and patients. This trend is expected to fuel further with the expansion of the Internet, expansion of the consumer economy and-smartphone access. Education and information on the use of digital health will offer technical advantages to the number of people.

VinCense Remote Patient Monitoring Platform featuring India’s first clinical grade wearable based Wireless Health Monitoring System – VinCense WHMS (patent pending). The wrist-wearable tracks four vital signs – pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and skin temperature wirelessly and pushes to the cloud from where healthcare providers can access real-time actionable data in a user-centred interface.

VinCense Remote Patient Monitoring Platform(PMP)/Digital Health Screening Platform(DHSP): We have incorporated Bluetooth enabled BP monitor, Glucometer and Weighing Scales and 12 lead Portable ECG units.  This way, all vital parameters can be accessed in a single user interface in a convenient manner. We are the only platform that can be used for both screening and monitoring applications.

How to Make Sensible Use of Digital Healthcare in India?

Use Convenient Communication Lines: Allowing the patient to communicate with their physicians through the preferred mode of communication such as telephone, text, email, etc this helps them to get advice and feedback whenever appropriate. VinCense Wireless Health Monitoring System offers GPS-based SMS warnings in the event of an emergency. Early Warning Score can also be generated from the obtained vitals. This enables the doctor to triage the patients thereby improving the prognosis.

Make use of organised information: With the aid of VinCense Digital portal in place, doctors can easily locate the patient’s health record, view vital details and offer correct care. Our system can also be interfaced with electronic health record (EHR) systems. EHR helps to minimise repetitive workplace tasks, allowing staff to spend more time with patients than with files.

Submit health records from different places on the internet: VinCense VitAlert Patient portals are services designed to help people easily communicate to their clinicians. Using interactive virtual platforms will help them update their health information on the web from anywhere around the globe.

Applications for cloud-based patient relationship management (PRM) are a new way for physicians and patients to keep communication networks open. As patient critical alerts are made at one venue, our devices are safe and not position-dependent, while the clinician at other locations receives information instantly. The idea is to be active whenever, if a patient needs to be cared for.

Using new technology for enhanced patient care: VinCense VitAlert digitized application, allowing patients to better understand their health data and engage in a dialogue that will enhance their outcomes. Data generated from these approaches allow physicians to plan a wider understanding of a person’s everyday wellbeing.

Usage of the patient portal: VinCense Remote Monitoring System can be combined with a telemedicine application that will add value to our application. There are different kinds of telemedicine portals, but these have the same features as the ability of the patient to schedule potential visits, to view the results of recent examinations and to access various sources of health information. With the Telemedicine assistance of a chat box and video conferencing, some portals allow patients to communicate to their physicians in a secure and electronic manner.

VinCense platform based on IoT, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics is the right choice for monitoring health and reducing risk, capturing the key vitals with clinical grade accuracy in just 10 seconds making it easy to screen 60 to 90 people every hour (includes disinfection and data entry times). Our platform also helps to monitor COVID 19 Risk based on Government protocol using our live dashboard. With this, early intervention is made possible-saving lives and livelihoods.