Clinical and Medical Grade Wearables

Medical Grade Wearables, Clinical Grade Wearables

Clinical Grade Wearables are highly accurate devices that helps the patient to self monitor their vitals. The accuracy of the clinical grade wearables can be 90-95% or higher. Hence it can be used by the healthcare professionals to support diagnoses and treatment plans. The data derived from medical grade wearables are reliable and consistent and can reliably be used to diagnose, treat or manage chronic health conditions. They are more portable and with wireless connection they have the potential to significantly impact the outcomes of the chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma etc. It also helps in bringing down the cost that incurs in treating chronic conditions and also reduces hospital stay by enabling the physicians to remotely keep track of their patient vitals.

Clinical Grade Wearables

Medical wearables, in conjunction with software and mobile apps, can offer predictive capabilities that allow patients and healthcare professionals to identify early signs of disease and help prevent difficulties. With the potential to push the healthcare industry further towards value-based, personalized medicine, medical grade wearables have incredible potential to reshape the healthcare industry and the quality of care patients can expect. Thus the medical grade wearables empowers the patients to take charge of their health and thus helps the healthcare providers to provide better care delivery.


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