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Digital Health Screening Platform

VinCense in Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme

VinCense & Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam Scheme Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs) caused 55% of the total disease burden in India in 2016, according...
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COVID -19 Risk Detection Protocol

VinCense In COVID-19 Triage_Management

The procedure for treating COVID-19 patients in health institutions other than medical college hospitals, government hospitals, and dedicated COVID-19 hospitals...
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Clinical and Medical Grade Wearables

VinCense & NCD Playbook

NCD Playbook: After a peer-reviewed national surveillance survey in India, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare(MoFHW) in India plans...
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VitAlert Clinical Grade Health Monitoring System

Marketing Blog – VinCense Hospital strategy

Healthcare organizations across the globe have been dealing with persistent instability since COVID-19 took effect. The complexities of keeping patients...
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Nurses are more at risk for Covid-19 among healthcare workers

How can we take care of them? According to a recent study of hospitalized patients by the Centers for Disease...
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